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Council Information

In the Itchen Valley we have 3 tiers of local government:

  • Itchen Valley Parish Council
  • Winchester City Council
  • Hampshire County Council

Together we cover all aspects of local government services.

Itchen Valley Parish Council:
Operates at a level closest to people homes.  We can help on a number of local issues, like providing:

  • allotments
  • public clocks
  • bus shelters
  • community centres
  • play areas and play equipment
  • grants to help local organisations
  • consultation on neighbourhood planning

We also have the power to issue fixed penalty fines for things like:

  • litter 
  • fly posting
  • graffiti  
  • dog offences

The Parish Council is made up of 10 councillors and is elected every four years. Elections follow the same pattern as the election of Winchester City Council and the MP for Winchester and Chandlers Ford

Parish councils are the oldest form of civil government in England (older than county councils and far older than the present district councils); they are the successors of the earlier Church Parish Councils (which now exist as Parochial Church Councils).

Council meetings are held every month. Residents are invited to attend and can ask questions or raise concerns at the beginning of the meeting. Our City Council and County Council representatives often attend the Council meeting.

There is an Annual Parish Assembly in April of each year which residents are encouraged to attend.

Please contact the Clerk if you wish to receive agendas and papers for any of our meetings.

Winchester City Council:
Is responsible for services like:

  • rubbish collection
  • recycling
  • Council Tax collections
  • housing
  • planning applications

The elected representatives for the Alresford & Itchen Valley Ward are:
Kim Gottlieb  kgottlieb@winchester.gov.uk
Lisa Griffiths  lgriffiths@winchester.gov.uk
Magot Power 

Hampshire County Council:
Are responsible for services across the whole of a county, like:

  • education
  • transport
  • fire and public safety
  • social care
  • libraries
  • waste management
  • trading standards

Jackie Porter is the elected representative for the Itchen Valley Division and can be contacted at jackie.porter@hants.gov.uk