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The Itchen Valley Flower Show  - Sunday 8th July 2018

The schedule and entry form for the show is available to download here

This flower, produce and craft show has been an annual event for approximately 50 years and is free to enter for everyone.

Enrty forms can be emailed to Sara Mason at splmason@hotmail.co.uk

To find out more about the Show's history click here 

The success of this important annual event lies in the many individuals who, over the years, have contributed in this enjoyable and sociable summer occasion. 
We hope that you will support us by attending, and entering the large number of wide ranging classes this year.

For the list of 2017 trophy winners click here 

Chairman:Sara Mason (Martyr Worthy) 


Zoe Cannons (Martyr Worthy) 


Gail Kennedy (Avington)


Sue Germon (Itchen Abbas),

Di Wilson

Alison Canfor (Easton),

Alex Bellisario (Itchen Abbas) 

Sara Mason  - 01962 779169 splmason@hotmail.co.uk