Itchen Valley Flower Show

Itchen Valley Flower Show - the end of an era

The Itchen Flower Show committee met recently, and we have decided, after a lot of discussion that we will no longer organise this annual event.  The reasons are many.  Firstly, the support for the Show in its current format has steadily declined with an all time low last year of just 35 adults entering classes and six of those were committee members. In 1995, 68 adults and 23 children, provided 460 entries across the variety of classes, vegetables, flowers, craft and cookery.  By 2018 the number of entries was down to 196. We feel that it is no longer viable to hold the show.  Coupled with the difficulty in recruiting helpers to serve teas, encourage volunteers to help on the day,  and above all encourage people to enter the Show, it has become unsustainable.  The demographic across our villages is changing and so has gardening and growing.  Some local shows have thrived but sadly our village Show has declined, and the committee has made the decision to stop. There will be no show this year.

Perhaps, in years to come, a new team may revive the show and come up with new ideas to bring the gardening and growing community together.

It will be a strange summer without the Show. It has been a pleasure to organise it with a dedicated team, some have helped for more than ten years, and personally I am very thankful for their support over the last eight years.

Thank you to everyone in our community who has supported and entered in the past, especially the children, whose entries each year bring joy and pleasure to all who gaze at their creativity and mastery of baking, craft, handwriting, modelling and gardening.  We thank you for your support.

Above all thank you to the committee members who have made the Show possible, Gail Kennedy, Alison Canfor, Di Wilson, Zoe Cannons and Alex Bellisario.

Sara Mason

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The success of this important annual event lies in the many individuals who, over the years, have contributed to this enjoyable and sociable summer occasion.


Chairman: Sara Mason (Martyr Worthy)
Treasurer: Zoe Cannons (Martyr Worthy)
Secretary: Gail Kennedy (Avington)
Committee: Sue Germon (Itchen Abbas),

Di Wilson

Alison Canfor (Easton),

Alex Bellisario (Itchen Abbas)

Contact: Sara Mason  - 01962 779169


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