Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held electronically on Thursday 2nd July 2020

starting at 7pm.


Members Attending:
Cllr Appleby (Chairman), Cllr Langford, Cllr Andrews, Cllr Riley, Cllr Percy, Cllr Legat, Cllr Stirrup, Cllr Rosewell, Cllr Legat, Cllr Jeffes

In Attendance:
Michelle Leadbitter-Allen (Clerk), Cllr Gordon-Smith (WCC)


20.042        Apologies: Cllr Moffatt, Cllr Power (HCC), Cllr Porter (HCC)

20.043        Public Participation & Declarations of Interest on issues on the Agenda.

            Declarations of Interest: None

20.044        Approve the minutes from 4th June 2020

The Minutes of the Meeting of 4th June 2020 were agreed by individual verbal consent as a true record of the meeting, with one abstention. Cllr Appleby will sign the minutes in  retrospect.  There were no matters arising.

20.045       City and County Councillor Reports

            The Council noted the City and Councillor reports received.

20.046        Financial Matters: Lead Councillor Cllr Riley

Council noted the Minutes of the Finance & General Purposes Committee Meeting of Thursday 18th June 2020.  

Bills to Pay & Other Recorded Expenditure
Clerk ran through the bills to pay and income received.


Cllr’s Legat and Andrews agreed the payments and would email authorisation to pay to the Clerk.


Presentation of Quarterly Accounts and June Bank Reconciliation (see below)

Cllr Riley explained that we will not be receiving the Boomtown Community Fund this year, which is causing a deficient in the projected income.  However, the general reserve will cover the shortfall.  We have budgeted for a lot of expenditure this year.

Cllr Riley explained that she had seen and agreed the bank reconciliations performed tally with the bank statements.


IA Report – Outcome of Lengthsman Reserve Email to Upland Scheme Parish Councils

Clerk Reported that after following up with councils participating in the scheme 3 times she had received replies from the following :

Barton Stacey, Four Marks, Bighton, Micheldever, Old Alresford and Wonston, all of which agreed that we should continue to hold the lengthsmans reserve in case of funding removal.

Including Itchen Valley this gave seven in favour which made a majority and it was therefore agreed that we would continue to hold the lengthsmans reserve.

20.047        Planning: Lead Councillor - Cllr Langford

The Council noted the
Planning Committee Meeting Minutes of 18th June 2020.
Planning Applications Received up until and including 26th June 2020.

a.    SDNP/20/02324/HOUS | SDNP/20/02325/LIS

Location: The Farmyard Easton Lane Easton SO21 1EQ

Proposal: Proposed single storey garage extension. Conversion of an existing garage to ancillary living accommodation. Installation of an air source heat pump and associated brick screen wall.

Comment: Object

We do not object to the development as designed but because the swimming pool is to be heated by an Air Source Heat Pump we request that the applicant be asked for a noise impact survey and the installation be compliant with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme Planning Standards (MCS 020) [1] This mandates that the fans should be of a type and set in a place which reduces neighbours disturbance as much as possible.
ASHPs have the ability to be very disruptive, the noise may be mild for short periods of time - but they run for long periods and dig into the subconscious creating noise stress. They also get noisier with age as the bearings wear. There is an example locally of an ASHP heating a swimming pool that can be heard from over 50m away
The survey may find alternative locations or types of pump which could be less/no nuisance to neighbours.


b.    SDNP/20/02339/SCOPE

Location: Matterley Farm Alresford Road Ovington Alresford Hampshire SO24 0HU

Proposal: Proposed Development at Matterley Farm, Alresford Road, Ovington, SO24 0HU – Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 (as amended 2018) - Regulation 15 Request for a Scoping Opinion.


This is a planning application for a permanent 1,100 acre festival site with structures within the South Downs National Park. A National Park is not the right place for a festival site, it is a major development and fails the requirement for exceptional circumstances of Core Policy SD3

The Scoping should include:

                                     I.         The Exceptional Circumstances to overrule core Policy SD3

                                    II.        The availability of reasonable alternative places for a festival site outside the National Park

                                  III.        The development that has already taken place to change the Landscape Character of the site, e.g. tracks

                                  IV.        The other non-agricultural activities that take place within the application site - motor cross, tank driving, tough mudder, oil well etc.

1.3.4 The environmental consultees should be widened to include at least:-

                                     I.         The Hampshire and Isle of Wight wildlife Trust

                                    II.        The Hampshire Branch of Butterfly Conservation

                                  III.        The Hampshire Branch of the Ornithological Society

                                  IV.        The Ramblers Association - Hampshire Branch

                                   V.        The Open Spaces Society

                                  VI.        CPRE

                                   V.        The whole of the Farmland and Woodland bird indexes should be scoped, not just those listed

                                  VI.        Stress - an analysis of the mental issues caused by the festival experience on the neighbouring residential population


4.7.1 Evidence of the economic benefit and losses caused by festivals- not just hearsay. The crime figures associated at, and locally, with the event.

2.2.7 Traffic management should include the A272 and Rodfield Lane

2.2.10 The charitable benefits that will be attached to any planning permission

4.11.8 the baseline noise survey should be widened to include other parishes, 3 receptor sites is not enough to provide a complete picture. Experience shows that weather - cloud base and wind - has a significant impact on how far noise travels and a five day survey will not cover all the variables and this should be carried out to include these.
The scoping should also include the noise produced by amplified music
Noise intrusion is locally the most complained about negative aspect caused by festivals

5.3.1 the baseline ambient light in the area

The treatment of sewage, waste and nitrate emission calculations in relation to Nitrate Mitigation in the Solent

c.    20/01210/TPO

Location: Woodland Halt Old Station Road, Itchen Abbas, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1BA

Proposal: Ash. Fell Dieback

Comment: No Comment

d.    SDNP/20/02482/LDP

Location: Gages Close, Itchen Abbas, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1AX

Proposal: Installation of 4no. rooflights on rear (southern) roof slope

Comment: No Comment

20.048       Parish reports

20.0048.1     Footpath matters – Cllr Appleby

Footpath 31: (behind Shelly Close) Path has been strimmed adequately for people to walk in both directions.

         Action: Cllr Appleby to thank the landowner and also comfirm whether or not there is a possibility to create a 2nd path in the field to have a one way system in each direction.

            Footpath 39: Councillors discussed the possibility of creating a permissive             pathway. 

Action:  Cllr Jeffes to contact Rambers Association to find out if they have a kissing gate we can use here.

Footpath 48: (Section from bridge north of the river leading to Chilland Lane)

Action: Clerk to draft a letter reminding the landowner of his responsibility to cut back the vegetation from the right of way. Cllr Appleby will deliver it by hand.

Footpath 12: The whole footpath falls in an SSSI area.  The Ramblers Association have discussed putting a broadwalk.  HCC are aware of the proposal. Cllr Appleby has emailed the Chairman of Itchen Stoke Parish Council outlining IVPC proposal to create a broadwalk, he explained he had not yet received a reply.  Cllr Jeffes said that the Wildlife Trust can guide us through the SSI regulations. 

Action:  Clerk to create a list of the proposed alterations to the footpaths and cyclepaths as discussed at the workshop held in June. There are several all on a single owner’s land. Council to prioritise the list and discuss the possibilities with the landowner.

20.0048.2: Highways – Cllr Appleby

a)     Speeding on B3047

Discussion around the speeding on B3047. 

Action:  Clerk to investigate with HCC the purchase of new speed limiter for the parish. Cllr Appleby to contact the Chair of Littleton PC to see if the present limiter can be replaced with a more modern version.

b)    Parents dropping off children for school in Little Hayes

The Chairman of Little Hayes Lane Group emailed Cllr Appleby expressing concern of the number of parents using Little Hayes Lane to drop their children off at school.  Unfortunately, the Parish Council cannot do anything and but if the Little Hayes Group wish to take this further, they are able to contact WCC.

20.0048.3: Village Halls: Cllrs Langford, Moffatt & Percy

a)     Itchen Abbas & Avington Hall is in the process of trying to open.  Cllr Langford explained that hirers will need to complete their own risk assessment.  A maximum of 14 people per meeting is allowed.

b)    Easton Village Hall:  Cllr Percy explained that Easton Village Hall are not looking to open at present.  For more information refer to linked report.

c)     Martyr Worthy:  Cllr Moffatt not available to report.

20.0048.4: Website – Cllr Jonathan Legat

a)     Website Accessibility Regulations

TLC are investigating what the IVPC website requires to become compliant.

Clerk mentioned that all document posted to our website since 23rd September 2018 have to be compliant which is a large piece of work.  Cllr Riley suggested that the Clerk ensures that all documents going forward are compliant and work through past documents when time allows.


Open Spaces (link to open spaces report) – Cllr Riley

a)     Ransom Strip Update

Cllr Riley gave a brief history of the Old School Field at Church Lane and the adjacent piece of land common commonly known as ‘The Ransom Strip’  18 months ago the Cllr Appleby and Cllr Riley performed a large piece of work outlining the specifications required to complete the merger of the Ransom Strip with the Old School Field. This included the removal of waste material dumped from an old tennis court, the redesign of gates to provide separate pedestrian access , grading of the land and some miscellaneous tree work. Please see linked report above for detail.

The McPherson’s Trust would like to remove the fencing between the two pieces of land and IVPC to take over the management of the land.  Cllr Riley explained that our insurance would automatically provide Public Liability Insurance on ‘The Ransom Strip’, however, a joint risk assessment would need to completed, and if an additional risk assessment would be required for maintenance work on the strip if performed by the Trust. 

There was much discussion regarding the amalgamation of the land and the work required to do so by the Councillors.

Cllr Appleby recommended that the Parish Council should not agree to taking over management and insurance of the land until the work as specified to merge the two pieces of land had been completed. There was full agreement with this recommendation by all attending.

b)     Opening of Playgrounds

Annual Inspection has been completed at both sites.

Government Guidance for reopening of playgrounds has been released, but Cllr Riley is unsure how we can fulfil the requirements such as cleaning regime.  We need to delay the opening as there is too much remedial work to do. 

Action:  Clerk and Cllr Riley to create appropriate closure signs

c)     Worthy Youth Football Club

Worthy Youth FC would like to start training at KGVth, the pitch marking is not required as they are just training.  Concerned over state of the pitch and that the Chafer Grub treatment has not been performed.

The lease has new Covid-19 caveat insertion and is ready to send.

Action: Clerk to book in Chafer Grub for earliest possible date.

Action: Clerk to add Cllr Rosewell and Cllr Percy as KGVth Field Trustees

20.049       Covid-19 Update & Risk Assessment

Discussion around returning to ‘face to face’ meetings.  Council agreed unanimously that we continue to follow NALC guidance and meet on Zoom.  This will be reviewed monthly.

Action:  Clerk to cancel meeting bookings for September.

Action: Add to September FCM agenda for review

20.050       Code of Conduct Review

Action: Clerk to circulate NALC Code of Conduct Document and add to September FCM Agenda for discussion and resolution

20.051       Emergency Plan/Business Continuity

Action: Clerk to send Business Continuity and Emergency Plan Documents to Cllr Andrews for review.

Action: Clerk to add to September F&GP Agenda for further discussion.

20.052        Note Correspondence June 2020

Council noted June Correspondence

20.053        Items for Consideration at Next Meeting: None other than those mentioned above

20.054       Date and Time of following Meeting:

Thursday 3rd September 2020. Location: Electronic. Contact Clerk for details.

Meeting Closed: 9.27pm