Full Council

Notice of Meeting

I hereby give you notice that the next meeting of the Full Council will be held electronically on Thursday 3rd September at 7.00pm. Please contact the clerk if you would like to join.

The business to be transacted is as per AGENDA

1.     Receive any apologies for absence

2.     Public Participation & Declarations of Interest on issues on the Agenda.

3.     To Approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on 2nd July 2020 and consider any matters arising

4.     City and County Councillor Reports

5.     Discuss and formally accept apologies for long absence for Cllr Stirrup and Cllr Moffat.

6.     Financial Matters Lead Councillor Cllr Yvette Riley

a)     Note the minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Meeting of the 23rd July 2020

b)     To approve the Bills to Pay and note any Income Received and any Other Expenditure

c)     To note in retrospect Bills to Pay in August paid by Clerk in line with Financial Regulations

d)     Note the receipt of Closure of External Audit Letter

e)     Rugby Tots use of Coach Green

f)      WYFC use of Coach Green 20-21 Season.

g)     Update on Boomtown Applications Received

7.     Planning Matters Lead Councillor Cllr Christopher Langford

a)     Note the Minutes of the Planning Meeting of the 23rd July 2020

b)     Note the publication of the SDNP Supplementary Planning Documents These are:-  

                                        i.        Sustainable Construction

                                       ii.        Affordable Housing

                                      iii.        Technical Advice Notes

                                      iv.        Extensions and Replacement Dwellings

                                       v.        Ecosystem Services

                                      vi.        Dark Skies

                                     vii.        Sustainable Construction

                                    viii.        Development Briefs

c)     Planning Applications for discussion received by 27th August 2020

                                     i.        Application: SDNP/20/02813/CND | SNDP/19/05194/FUL

Location: The Cedar House Avington Road Avington SO21 1DE

Proposal: SDNP/19/05194/FUL - Variation of Condition 5 to accommodate addition of replacement garage, minor fenestration changes and development of landscaping scheme.

Comment By: 25th August 2020

                                    ii.        Application: SDNP/20/03204/LIS | SDNP/20/03203/HOUS

Location: Paidon Avington Park Lane Easton SO21 1EE
Proposal: Introduction of new windows to the North and West elevations. Increase in height of existing central chimney. Addition of boundary wall.

Comment By: 3rd September 2020

                                   iii.        Application: SDNP/20/02888/LIS

Location: The Cottage Church Lane Easton Winchester Hampshire SO21 1EH

Proposal: Additional Windows to North elevation

Comment By: 8th September 2020

                                   iv.        Application: SDNP/20/02507/HOUS

Location: Woodland Halt, Old Station Road, Itchen Abbas, SO21 1BA

Proposal: Erection of Garden Studio

Comment By: 19th August 2020 (extension requested and not granted)

                                    v.        Application: SDNP/20/02923/LIS | SDNP/20/02922/HOUS

Location: Manor Farm House, The Farm Yard, Easton Lane, Easton, SO21 1EQ

Proposal: Installation of Photvoltaic Panels

Comment By: 19th August 2020 (extension requested and granted)

                                   vi.        Application: SDNP/20/02789/HOUS

Location: Charlock Cottage, Avington Park Lane, Easton, SO21 1EE

Proposal: Erection of Single Storey Lobby to rear of dwelling, linked between house and garage

Comment By: 24th August 2020

8.     Portfolio Holders Reports:

a)     Footpath Matters

                                     i.        Cycleways and Footpaths Update

b)     Highways

c)     Village Halls

                                     i.        Report from Cllr Percy

d)     Website

                                     i.        Website Accessibility

                                    ii.        Community App Update

e)     Open Spaces

9.     Great British September Clean Update Cllr Appleby

10.  Update from Environment Sub-Committee Cllr Langford

11.  Emergency Plan & Business Continuity Cllr Appleby

12.  Discussion about the use of electronic meetings from October 2020.

13.  Correspondence Received for July and August

14.  Items for Consideration at next meeting

15.  Date and Time of next meeting: 1st October 2020 at 7pm.
The location of this meeting is to be advised.